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An extremely comfortable saddle, the R5 features Fizik's Twin Flex technology, k:ium rails and the ICS system allowing saddle bags to be clipped to it. Light, stiff and comfortable it's a great choice for low/high mileage rides.

Integrated Clip System

The Integrated Clip System (ICS) is an integrated interface in the saddle's base to allow quick attachment and removal of ICS accessories such as the Fi'zi:k saddle Pa:k and Blin:k light. It is a clean, easy, fast and secure attachment that does not require any tools.

K:IUM Rails

K:IUM is a fi'zi:k proprietary rail formulation. It's the combination of a particular metal alloy, a specific tubular design and a special finishing process which increases fatigue performance on the rail surface. Fact: 8% weight reduction compared to solid titanium. K:IUM features a high strength-to-weight ratio grade and high corrosion resistance.

Twin Flex Technology

Twin Flex construction combines two layers within the shell. A layer of multi-directional carbon fiber provides strength, while a bi-directional layer allows flex for comfort. The two layers are molded together, so that the stiffer outer layer controls the flexibility of the inner layer.

Aliante Carbon is for The Bull: Rigid Spine

If you have a relatively low degree of spinal flexibility (more than 90 degrees between your straight legs and back when bending over as far as you can, keeping your legs straight a shoulders’ width apart), you are a Bull. Your degree of Spinal flexibility will top out quite quickly when attempting to adopt the performance position. For this reason you will rotate you pelvis fully and will benefit from the increased curvature (support) of the Aliante shape.

  • The Aliante is 1 of fizi:k's 3 Spine Concept' Mens Road Saddle shapes. Of these 3, the Aliante shape is the widest and most longitudinally waved
  • Scuff guards on either side towards rear of saddle for added protection
  • With unprecedented comfort and a TWIN FLEX ™ Carbon Kevlar shell it's both lightweight and comfortable
  • A popular saddle with the pro's and also thousands of enthusiasts alike


  • Shell: Carbon-reinforced nylon Twin Flex™ 'sweet spot' at the center
  • Rail: K:ium
  • Integrated Clip System: Yes
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 140mm
  • Weight: 245g


  • Rail Material: Alloy
  • Road: Yes
  • MTB: Yes

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