About us!


Mangata Sport is a sport merch shop and lifestyle blog created by Laura Hayward out of a shared passion for health and fitness. We love getting outdoors and adventuring and throwing ourselves into competitions. We both understand how fitness impacts our mental health and wellness to us is a congruence between mind and body. Our shop is aimed to help keep likeminded people training and our blog is a demonstration in how we choose to live well and a record of our training and journeys to various milestones, a travelogue of all the places our training and racing takes us and honest reflections along the way. Laura plans to build a path to completing her first ever Ironman and her partner looks for exhilaration on his bike and seeing how fast he can smash his first solo triathlon. We wanted to create a space for people who are interested in trying out multisport and hope that by sharing our experiences they might be inspired to give it a go, we hope whoever lands here finds some inspiration for their own journeys.