Bern Brentwood 2.0 MIPS Matte Muted Teal
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Product Description

Looking for a super slick-looking helmet that set the stage (literally) for the urban bike style? Throw on a Brentwood 2.0. The industry giants said we couldn’t use a liquid foam to deliver a lid with all the protection and none of the bulk. Then they laughed when we bucked status quo “banana style” bike helmet design and added our patented flip visor. Welp … we did it anyway and the result was a lid that literally reshaped urban bike. It was adopted by NYC bike messenger legend Kevin “Squid” Bolger and found its way into a Hollywood movie. Everyone and their mom has created a crappy copy of the thing so we did what we do best—kept making it better. This 2.0 Brentwood is 15% lighter and more ventilated than our original. It represents 15 years of tireless upgrades of our own ZipMold+ safety tech. The result? A work of art that retains all the sexy and helps you stay out there—not in the crowd.


Pick the model that best fits your style and customize your helmet with our range of seasonal upgrades.


The Quickmount Asteroid is a micro-USB rechargeable bike light. It is easily fastened to the two-hole mount located on the rear of the helmet’s shell.


Like it's name this system is EASY! A no fuss elastic system auto adjusts to the perfect fit everytime, just put it on and ride!


Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. Designed to protect against rotational violence to the brain caused by rotational impacts.

Avg. Weight 345 Grams
Safety Standards
Construction Zipmold+
Fit System EZ Fit
Vents 13
Fit Size S M L
CM 52 - 55.5cm 55.5 - 59cm 59 - 62cm
Hat Size 6 1/2 - 7 7 - 7 3/8 7 3/8 - 7 7/8


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