Schwalbe Tyre Al Grounder
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THE NEW CROSSOVER TIRE FOR E-SUV AND TOURING BIKES. Offers true all-round capabilities for use on roads, dirt track and easy trails. With its unique tread design, it runs quietly and quickly on asphalt while providing sufficient stability on unpaved surfaces. Equipped with the DOUBLE DEFENSE construction and Addix Compound, Al Grounder achieves a high puncture resistance and an optimal balance between low rolling resistance and sufficient grip.

    • The combined puncture protection. All around SnakeSkin + RaceGuard under the tread provides maximum security.
  • E-50
    • E-Bike tires with European ECE-R75 approval. Our recommendation for fast E-Bikes - S-Pedelecs with type approval, insurance, and motor assist over 25 km/h – for which a special tire approval is necessary.
    • Excellent quality for intensive use.

Customer Reviews

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Shayne Wyllie
New Tyres, AL Grounders

I ride mostly on urban cycle ways (pedal power) consisting of asphalt, concrete and gravel/dirt. I've been riding with Schwalbe Big Apples for the last few years and they've done well on all these track surfaces. However after needing a new set of tyres I spotted the AL Grounders , figured I'd try em out.
Reasonably heavy tyre at 1090grams (2.35 x 29'r) but won't slow you down, fast rolling too when pumped to 47psi (I weigh 98kg)
Tyres are made from a reasonably soft compound so get amazing traction on asphalt and concrete especially when it's hot. Good traction also on fine grit cycle tracks, grass and hard packed dirt due to the chunky tread pattern.
Christchurch summer has been awesome so haven't had a chance to try them in the wet but by all accounts I'm picking they'll do well in rainy conditions too (should you get caught out)
They have the same puncture resistance built in as the Big Apples and after 12000 kms over 3 years I had only one puncture on those tyres so I'm assuming these will be the same.
They're quiet too despite the chunky tread pattern although you do get a little bit of vibration but again, nothing off putting.
So far I'm super happy with the AL Grounders, they perform well and they also look cool af too.
Get some!