Elite Rizer Gradient Simulator with Steering
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Step up your bike game with the new Rizer, Elite’s gradient simulator with steering.

The latest addition to the Elite indoor cycling ecosystem will raise and lower your bike to give you real-time inclines and declines as you blast those climbs with your trainer

For more focused and realistic rides, the Elite gradient simulator features the innovative steering system which is designed to improve the handlebars’ feel when you’re going uphill, and help you work every muscle as you would do when you’re riding outdoors. Use it with Zwift to control your avatar on-screen and overtake other cyclists.

Uphill and downhill, just like in real rides

Featuring sturdy hardware design, the Rizer will provide with true-to-ride inclines up to 20% and declines as low as -10%.

The Elite grade simulator can make you feel all the power of your favorite summits and help you attack the effort ahead of the upcoming climb.

But it’s more than that.

With steering, so you’ll work every muscle

The Rizer features hardware technology with steering functionality so you can easily move your handlebars left and right when you’re smashing those climbs. 

This will improve handlebar feel and comfort, but also it helps you to use the same muscle groups on legs and shoulders that you’d be using if you were riding your bike outdoors, uphill. 

By training on the Rizer you can also test new bike positions and prepare yourself thoroughly for your next outdoor rides.

The best stability as you blast those climbs

As is traditional for Elite, design and technology are combined in the Rizer to improve comfort and efficiency so you can achieve the most immersive workout environment with your bike.

The Elite Rizer features the sturdiest hardware design to ensure balance and stability in the most challenging uphill climbs. Max load is 120kg.

With a carrying handle and adjustable feet, the Elite Rizer comes fully assembled and features an aluminium structure connected to a platform made in a steel and aluminium alloy to ensure great resistance in the most challenging uphill climbs. All combined with a modern, hi-tech design.

Compatible with all bikes and apps with inclines

The Elite Rizer will connect directly with your interactive smart trainer to offer automatic grade changes when you’re riding on virtual courses.

The Elite grade simulator is compatible with all latest generation trainers that allow your bike to rotate freely, and, within the Elite range, exclusively with the Direto XR/XR-T, Suito/Suito-T and Tuo.

The Rizer is also compatible with all commercially available bicycles, with disc brakes and 12mm thru-axle bikes.

The adapter for 15mm thru-axle is included in the box.

Up, down, left and right on Zwift

By connecting to Zwift, the Rizer incline simulator can also let you race on courses with enabled steering options so you can choose your path and overtake other cyclists in virtual rides and races. The future of indoor cycling lies in a complete workout station.

Dedicated control app

We’ve developed a dedicated configuration app to make it easier to configure your Elite grade simulator.

You won’t need this app to use the Rizer, but it will give you easy access to a series of functions designed to simplify its use, and provide with the most immediate indoor cycling experience. 

The app is called Rizer and is available for iOS devices and Android on App Store and Google Play.

The control app can be used to display and change grades when you’re riding, to switch mode from Simulation to Manual, to show the trainer difficulty that you set on your software of choice, and to manage up to 5 different profiles for each bike and home trainer you have in your house.

Main tech specs

  • Compatible Elite trainers: Direto XR, Direto XR-T, Suito, Suito-T, Tuo
  • Included adapters: QR, 12x100, 15x100, 15x110
  • Size (H x W x L): 728 x 345 x 387 mm
  • Inclines: 20%
  • Declines: -10%
  • Integrated Steering

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