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Meet the Mucky Nutz MugGuard... our super, snazzy, award-winning mudguard for mountain bikes, made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic.

"The Mucky Nutz MugGuard is affordable and performs impeccably. We would choose the short model for year-round riding and long for the worst of winter. If cost is a consideration, the MugGuard is really all you need, taking our BEST VALUE award"

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Living in the land of muck, we have the perfect testing ground for designing and developing a high performing muck-muncher and it's fair to say we're pretty chuffed with the result... an award-winning, eco-savvy mudguard aka MugGuard.

Designed to fit 26-29 inch standard and boost suspension forks with tyres up to 3 inch wide.

It can also be used as a rear mudguard on some frames but this is not guaranteed, so please get in touch if unsure.

Design Features
  • Forward lip to catch and minimise spray.
  • Sharp trailing edge to cut cloggy soil away from the tyre.
  • Recessed bridge area to increase tyre clearance.
  • Wide upper arm profile to protect your seals and stanchions.
  • Six fastenings, to anchor the guard firmly to the fork, so there is no rattling and minimal movement, even in the rockiest conditions.
  • Multiple fastening slots for increased functionality.
  • Supplied with re-useable Velcro for easy installation and quick-release.
  • Gloss underside finish to shed make and make for easy cleaning.
  • Finished in a stealthy matt black with contrasting gloss features, the MugGuard is a sleek looking piece of kit.


Eco! Eco! Eco! (Just in case you haven't got the brief yet) The MugGuard is made from recycled PP, which we've modified to increase performance and durability against the elements, and at the end of its life can be recycled... Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

When it comes to packaging, we prefer a minimalistic approach, so you'll find the MugGuard and its Velcro neatly assembled to a simple cardboard hanger. No additional zip-ties or plastic in sight. 

Length: 600mm
Width: 85mm
Weight: 105g

Fitting Instructions
Fitting using Velcro is very easy. You are supplied with a 900mm roll, which allows for 6 fasteners.
  1. Take the roll and wrap the Velcro around the fork lower, fluffy side facing in (we like to use technical terms), and overlap this by 40-50mm. Cut two of this length from the roll. These are the bottom fasteners.
  2. Repeat the process in line with where the middle slots will be positioned on the fork.
  3. Wrap the remaining Velcro around the top arch in line with where they will eventually be fitted, again overlapping by 40-50mm. Cut two of these from the roll.
  4. Offer the guard up to the fork and choose which top slots align with the arch, to hold the guard at the best angle to allow maximum clearance.
  5. Thread the Velcro straps through the designated slots and fasten the guard to the fork. Start at the top and work your way down. Be firm with the Velcro but there is no need to over-tighten and risk damaging the guard.
  6. It may take a little adjusting to get the guard seated firmly but after a short while, it will naturally mould to the shape of the fork.
Other shizzle...
  • The MugGuard is 85mm wide and will fit most standard MTB suspension forks fitted with disc brakes and a forward-facing arch. Please measure the width of the fork below the arch, to ensure compatibility.
  • The 'legs' of the guard extend down 150mm, please ensure there is no more than 140mm distance from the underside of the arch to the top of the 'lowers' to allow room for the fasteners.
  • The guard can potentially be fitted to the rear of some bikes, typically used as a rear linkage/shock guard. Compatibility is not guaranteed so please ask for advice before purchasing.
  • There is so much variation between frame and fork manufacturers, and the geometry changes every year which makes it hard to produce a truly 'universal' product. If you are not sure about the compatibility please email us with your bike/fork model.
  • The MugGuard is highly unlikely to fit between older rim style brakes (V Brakes) and is unlikely to fit a rigid fork.

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