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Sterzo Smart, the Elite electronic steering plate, is one of the most interesting innovations for your indoor bike training sessions as you can measure the rotation angle of your handlebars as you move it to the left and right. You will take part in indoor rides on your bike as if you really were on the road.

Compared to its mechanical counterpart, Sterzo Smart connects to Zwift wirelessly to share front wheel movement data.

Exclusively on Zwift

In partnership with Zwift, Elite released Sterzo Smart exclusively for the users of the Zwift community.

To use Sterzo Smart, you just need to place your bike on the steering plate and connect the unit to Zwift!

By pairing with the software via Bluetooth, Sterzo Smart will connect to Zwift for you to control your avatar on-screen, overtake other cyclists and position yourself to harness the draft. 

Sterzo Smart connects wirelessly to Zwift to measure the rotation angle of your handlebars as you move it to the left and right. 

Look for the “Steering Enabled” icon at the bottom-right while you are in-game on Zwift to see which courses are available for steering.

By connecting Sterzo Smart to Zwift you will enjoy realistic indoor pedalling sessions with the steering feature to steer your avatar around the course, overtake other cyclists and use their draft to your advantage. 

Ready for a totally immersive riding experience on your trainer?

Riding indoors with Sterzo Smart

Place the front wheel of your bike on Sterzo Smart.

Make sure you place your Elite steering plate beneath your front tire, with the smaller pointed side facing forward.

LED lights should be visible in the front left on the base.

By connecting Sterzo Smart to Zwift you will enjoy realistic indoor pedalling sessions with the steering feature to steer your avatar around the course, overtake other cyclists and use their draft to your advantage.

How it is made

Sterzo Smart, with its registered design, includes a raised support with a rotating pivot for you to easily place the front wheel of your bicycle and have it return easily to its original position. 

Sterzo Smart accommodates tires as wide as 56 mm.

The rotating unit was designed to impart the greatest bicycle stability while you’re riding on your home trainer, as well as ensuring maximum freedom of wheel movement to the left and right, up to 34° rotation on each side.

Sterzo Smart also features practical anti-slip rubber feet on its base for you to you have even more stability in you rides as well as protecting contact surfaces from any potential scratches and abrasions.

Recommended with the Elite TRAINING MAT for maximum performance.

Wireless, smart

The indoor cycling world has been abuzz with new and innovative tools and functionalities to make home training on your bike an ever immersive and engaging riding experience.

Among them, steering is undoubtedly one of this year’s hot topics. This is why Sterzo Smart is one of the most interesting innovations for your indoor training ecosystem. 

The Elite steering plate creates hyper-realistic and fun indoor cycling sessions by sending out wirelessly front wheel movement information to any apps and software that feature steering options via the double ANT and Bluetooth communication protocol.

While the Sterzo Smart has ANT capabilities, that is not supported by Zwift at this time.

Battery operated

The unit is powered up by AAA batteries (included), battery lifetime is 500 hours.

Mechanical version available

Sterzo Smart is also available in a mechanical, non-smart version, the Elite Sterzo.

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