Xterra Series - Race 5

Penultimate race day took us three to the lovely Totara Park, only a zippy twenty minute drive away. Shaun and I were feeling a little tired after our 90km cycle the day before! Josh was feeling fired up to get a good time on way fresher legs. 

The weather was good, bright and blue skies, a little light wind but overall pretty appealing conditions. Josh ordered his usual hot chocolate and then we headed over to race briefing after a quick stretch and warm up. 

The race felt easier than the Hunua three weeks ago - mainly due to the shorter course. But as our legs were pretty beat up from the 90km cycle the day before, I didn't notice the relief too much! The trails were quite steep in parts but also bent and cornered onto some flat hard and fast sections. Every race in this Auckland calendar brings some exceptional views and it is always such a delight to turn a corner and see some gorgeous skyline or hear a new birdcall. The series has rewarded us the privilege of experiencing Auckland's best of nature and it has been a thoroughly sensory delight. It was a shame that the series had to complete without the final race in Riverhead - this was the one that Josh was looking forward to most of all due to the fun mud slides! Alas Auckland lockdowns put an end to that dream. But we will be back racing again next year and I might even take on a longer distance.. Saying that now that the memory of Hunua has long receded! Haha.. Till next year Auckland Xterra - Thanks for making Winter extra awesome :) 

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