A big long overdue lovely catch up !

A big long overdue lovely catch up !

We are in February and my 40th birthday is now only a few weeks away and I am sat here wondering "how the hell did that happen?!" 

The end of the year and the start of this new one seemed to pass like a freight train. We had some big life stuff that went down which felt like we were hurtling toward 2022 inside a tornado. We sold a house, got a puppy (running buddy 1), bought a new house, moved in two weeks before Christmas, had Christmas then got ANOTHER puppy (running buddy 2!). Life went supersonic but it has been so sweet and lovely and most of all EXCITING! 

Intending to post this before the imminent deluge of "things happening" for my big 40th Birthday! But alas, I got a little swept up in the moments of my life as they were happening and now fielding this report from the other side of that milestone. I can say that my lovely husband and lovely friends were super-lovely and I enjoyed myself immensely. A little weekend away on Waiheke for the grownups, a weekend a way in Cambridge with the puppies and the teenager and a big soiree at home to celebrate with the gang amongst messages and zooms to the homeland. It was a grand ole time!  

Now we are focusing on our intentions for the year ahead. These involve (hopefully – Covid allowing) some racing (for us both) Some continued rehab (me and my achilles) hopefully getting their first multisport race ticked off (him) some swim coaching (me) mastering the zwift game (him) and lots of dog walks! (all 4 of us!) 

We had a few races postponed in 2021 thanks to lockdown, now we tentatively look ahead to this year and some more freedoms and finally getting to line up at these events – fingers crossed. I have found it  hard to focus on training when what you are training for keeps getting postponed! My intention for this year is to aim for consistency in my training and to do that by watching out for how I am feeling, try to cope better with the frustrations that will naturally come. I often focus too much on the race I am training for rather than the process of getting fit and I really want to change that this year. In more of my life I want to be a bit more mindful and appreciative of the small things and the daily grind toward a goal – not just the goal. I hope this will help me to handle the missteps and mistakes along the way. 


Well, now I am off to walk our big girl, Willow and I will make sure I stop to smell the roses. 


Thanks for reading 

LH x 

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